Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Conversion

It's easy to organize and maintain control over your affiliate data with the help of affiliate marketing tools.

You have the possibility to track leads utilizing tracking links, which is one of its main benefits.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

You can utilize the data you receive in this way to plan your future marketing campaigns because it is specific and one-of-a-kind.

Affiliate marketing is popular among marketers for a number of reasons, one of which is that it is simple to measure.

It could be for that reason that so much money is being spent on it. 

Did you know that by 2022, spending in the US alone is projected to reach $8.2 billion? That's telling you how profitable affiliate marketing was.

Now let's start by mentioning the tools that will help your affiliate marketing campaign succeed.

What affiliate marketing tools will bring success to an affiliate marketing campaign?

In this article, I explained the various affiliate marketing tools that will generate traffic and sales and also make your work easier. Here they are:

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the best affiliate marketing tracking tools that manage various affiliate programs, track affiliate partner performance, assign commission, and issue payments on one platform.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Customers say that Post Affiliate Pro's free integration service and 24/7 customer support, make it simple to get started with the program.

This unique affiliate marketing tool allows you to design and run your own affiliate network from scratch.

The prevention of fraud, precise tracking, and completely adjustable commission systems are some of this software's key features.

It accepts different currencies, supports all forms of affiliate connections, and provides translations in numerous languages.

To see how simple affiliate marketing can be, get started right away with a 14-day free trial.

The Pro plan starts at $97 a month if you enjoy its features.

ShareAsale is the affiliate marketing platform with the quickest rate of growth, enabling partnerships that provide results. They received the mThink's best CPS network 2022 award for their customized services and broad reach.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

ShareASale was acquired by Awin in 2017 and given global exposure. You may maximize your resources and succeed in affiliate marketing by using this tool.

ClickMeter will help you to monitor, evaluate, and improve all of your marketing links in one place to boost conversion rates.
Affiliate Marketing Tools

In order to improve your conversion rate, ClickMeter is an affiliate marketing tool that gives you insights by tracking and comparing your links.

Create your link using ClickMeter, insert it into your advertisements, and generate real-time results. 
If you are an agency, share your reports directly with your clients from ClickMeter.
AnyTrack's stand real-time conversion data platform that links your marketing and sales channels with customer information, enabling you to automate growth using 100% of your data. 
Affiliate Marketing Tools

With the help of the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, marketers can track and sync conversions from any affiliate network utilizing the AnyTrack tool for affiliate marketing.

The secret to enhancing the performance of your campaigns as an affiliate marketer is to measure your success (and failure).

Using analytics tools to track your conversion statistics can provide you the useful insights you need to scale and optimize your efforts, whether you choose Google Ads, Facebook, or SEO.

With just one line of code and no complex setup required, AnyTrack TAG completely automates data collecting and syncs data across your marketing stack. 
Key Aspects:
  •  All of your analytics and pixels may be connected with a single line of code.
  • Track all form submissions and affiliate links automatically (no code required)
  • connection with Facebook Ads and Google Ads in one click
  • Native integration with more than 50 well-known affiliate networks and programmers (ClickBank, TUNE, CAKE)
  • Webhooks to integrate conversion data with external marketing tools (email, third-party reports, API) 
  • Free plan: 5,000 monthly sessions maximum
  • Basic package: $50 per month (best for bloggers)
  • Personal plan: $150 per month (best for PPC marketers)
  • Advanced plan: $300 per month (best for agencies)

An initial 14 days are free for all paid plans.
  •  In less than 3 minutes, tracking links may be set up as true Plug & Play
  • Adaptation to any website or funnel builder (WordPress, ClickFunnels)
  • Compliant with Facebook's and Google's tracking policies
  • For retargeting campaigns, create custom audiences
  •  Not compatible with Amazon Associates
  • not directly integrated with Zapier
LeadDyno will help you grow and manage your affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

You can start affiliate programs with the simple-to-use affiliate marketing platform LeadDyno.
Top influencers and affiliates who are looking for products similar to yours can be reached by you.

Your new affiliates each have access to a unique affiliate dashboard.
All the details they require to advertise your company or your goods might be given to them by you.

You may also test this program for free for 30 days before purchasing it.
On their website, you can accomplish this.
6. LinkTrust  
Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

The best thing about LinkTrust is its first-rate customer service. Their affiliate marketing tool offers a lot of customization options.

You can now access the payments, content, and statistics from the advertisements, gadgets, goods, and even deals.
You can track all types of ads using their customizable interface using pixels, server posts, cookies, mobile traffic, and more.

LinkTrust offers plans ranging in price from $299 to $799 per month. On their website, you can also ask for a free demo. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools


The greatest feature of Afftrack is that it offers unlimited clicks for all of its packages, making it the only affiliate marketing tool on the market.
These days, they even give their new subscribers a fully loaded service for three months for just $1.

The best thing about the cost of this software solution is that even small business owners can afford it and use their resources as efficiently as possible.

The best part is that they also offer limitless affiliates and special offers.

8. Affise
Affiliate Marketing Tools

Your relationships with your business partners can strengthen thanks to this affiliate marketing tool.

By using performance marketing, you may connect with more affiliates, influencers, businesses, and other networks of professionals.

You may use Affise to automate every aspect of your advertising campaign and to generate data-driven decisions.

It's a fantastic tool for maximizing your advertising strategies. 
Key aspect:
  • Easy-to-manage, configurable dashboards
  • Smart targeting
  • Insightful comparison reports
  • CRO
  • Real-time BI tools
  • Protection against fraud
  • Flexible payouts in multiple currencies



  • 24/7 client support
  • Feature-rich API
  • Hassle-free migration
  • Dedicated manager for every account



  •  More information might be found in the statistics report.



Plan Pro: $299 per month plan

Ent: $499 per month

VIP Program: Special PricingAvailable 30-day free trial (on request)

No credit card is necessary.



 9. Awin

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Awin is an Associate in Nursing affiliate marketing tool with over 13,000 advertisers and 100,000 publishers. No wonder they additionally offer valuable market insights in varieties of whitepapers, podcasts, etc.

HP, Emirates, AliExpress, and Forbes area unit a number of the massive names on their shopper list. By changing of integrity this platform’s network, you'll get access to the current Brobdingnagian list of brands and publishers to grow your business.

10. Voluum

Affiliate Marketing Tools

This affiliate marketing tool’s prime options embody a state-of-the-art reportage tool, to not mention the time period reportage, and twenty commonplace and ten custom knowledge points regarding the page guests.

This platform additionally includes direct pursuit pixels and CPC, CPM, and certified public accountant price models. the most effective half regarding this software package answer is that plans begin at solely $69/month.

11. Thirsty Affiliates

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Thirsty Affiliates is a promising affiliate marketing tool within which bloggers do not solely list themselves but also earn cash. Therefore, for marketers, it’s easier to induce active affiliates here.

Thirsty Affiliates proactively fixes your broken side links. It additionally provides Associate in Nursing alternate destination for international clicks.

Do you apprehend the most effective part of this program? It helps you cloak affiliate links on WordPress for complimentary. This makes it one of the highest tools for affiliate marketers who are operating WordPress.

12. AffJet

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

AffJet is one among the most effective affiliate marketing tools for managing your affiliate selling campaigns. you'll use it to watch your network’s performance and check all of your affiliate financial gains.

On its dashboard, you'll get statistics from over one hundred affiliate networks and quickly determine the bestsellers and underperformers. in a very shell, AffJet simplifies affiliate selling for you.

13. Refersion

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Refersion is a complicated affiliate marketing platform that enables you to expeditiously manage, track, and grow your network. you'll integrate your eCommerce platform to trace any sales your affiliates drive. This helps you monitor time period conversions.

This program additionally permits you to leverage unlimited commission structures and modify commissions. Get access to performance reports and analytics. you'll get a free trial of fourteen days by applying for constant on their website.


14. MaxBounty

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

MaxBounty may be a leading and trusty affiliate marketing tool that enables you to collaborate with prime affiliates on a cost-per-action basis.

The best half of this program is that you simply pay just for results, i.e., once you acquire a client. This makes MaxBounty one of the foremost effective and profitable advertising networks. 

You get access to over 20K affiliates who will assist you increase your reach and generating a lot of sales.

15. Ambassador

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Ambassador is one of the world’s best all-in-one referral software package platforms. With this affiliate marketing tool, you'll determine affiliates, influencers, employees, and different advocates you wish to partner with.

Easily enroll them to run targeted and personalized referral campaigns. Manage all of your affiliates/ambassadors in one place and monitor their performance. It’s potential to schedule a free demo of this program from their website also.

You can expeditiously optimize your referral program to spice up your brand’s reach, awareness, and sales.


16. Tapfiliate

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Tapfiliate is a wonderful affiliate marketing software for eCommerce and SaaS businesses. you'll produce your own custom affiliate program in no time.

What’s a lot of, you ask? This software package allows you to reward, track, and incentivize your affiliates. you'll choose between a spread of commission structures and track all clicks, links, and conversions.

The best half regarding this program is that the value of the most cost-effective arrangement is simply $69/month. you'll additionally get a 14-day free trial of the program from their website.

17. Affiliate Royale

If you wish to launch an Associate in the Nursing affiliate program for your merchandise or services, you ought to think about employing this affiliate marketing software.

It comes with a WordPress plugin that helps you to find out your affiliate marketing program in minutes and provides you everything you wish to manage with ease. 

you'll monitor the sales, clicks, and payments of all of your affiliates through its dashboard in order that you’re continually on prime of everything.

18. OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is one of the top Affiliate Marketing Tool to empower your top brand advocates. This user-friendly affiliate tool makes it simple to find and empower affiliates and influencers to promote your brand.

OSI Affiliate is an easy-to-use affiliate marketing software that helps you optimize your referral selling campaigns for quicker growth.

You can produce an associate in Nursing affiliate program and integrate it along with your website. Affiliates, together with your own customers, will simply promote your whole merchandise. 

you'll not solely get new customers however additionally see a rise in sales. Want to do it before buying? You'll get a 15-day free trial of the program from their website also.

19. AvantLink

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

AvantLink helps you get access to a network of qualified affiliates who are literally serious regarding referral marketing. This affiliate marketing software additionally permits you to leverage a collection of high-converting tools and sturdy time period reportage.

Whether you're a just starting or an associate in Nursing affiliate marketing veteran, expect to drive the most effective results with AvantLink. you'll additionally use a variety of third-party tools with this platform.

20. Pretty Links

affiliate marketing tools

Pretty Links is one of the most effective affiliate marketing tools for WordPress users. It simplifies long links and shortens them to form them “prettier.”

Additionally, it simplifies server-side redirects, and helps your whole and advertise your links with ease. It additionally helps you to monitor your links to work out their effectiveness.

Pretty Links additionally comes with a cloaking feature that enables you to use your affiliate links in email selling campaigns.

21. Bitly

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

You can use Bitly to shorten URLs for your social media posts however Bitly has a lot to supply. Here, you'll use your custom links to investigate campaign performance across channels and locations.

This tool helps you build personalized client expertise, and at an outsized scale. the most effective half of this tool is that it’s free for one profile and you'll connect your Twitter thereto from the website.

22. LinkTrack

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

With LinkTrack a formidable affiliate marketing software within which you'll track the performance of all of your affiliate links with ease and accuracy. Get time period updates to trace and analyze wherever your traffic is returning from.

You get to trace unlimited links and clicks with a premium subscription. you'll additionally track impressions.

23. Clickbooth

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

Clickbooth allows you to attach and collaborate with vetted affiliates. With this affiliate marketing software, you'll work on a cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-lead (CPL), cost-per-engagement (CPE), cost-per-install (CPI), cost-per-sale (CPS), or cost-per-click (CPC) valuation model.

With a network of over 300K publishers, Affiliate Future is an Associate in Nursing economical affiliate marketing tool that permits you to spot and partner with the highest affiliates.

You'll leverage their network of affiliates to extensively boost your brand’s reach and sales and create optimum use of your resources.

You can simply analyze the performance of your affiliates and optimize your program for higher results. you'll set commission levels and pay on the premise of their performance.



Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

Also, one of the best multichannel affiliate marketing tools is HitPath.Their user-friendly interface is straightforward.

A bridge campaign booster, real-time tracking, and affiliate management are some of this software's major features.

 Additionally, HitPath is scalable and adaptable. They have a reputation for being accommodating to consumer needs. You can also take advantage of the free demo on their website.



25. EverFlow

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

Everflow is likely among the top tools for affiliate marketing. It allows you to track the development of your affiliate marketing programs and provides real-time affiliate analytics.

You have fraud protection with Everflow for clicks, impressions, conversions, and post-conversion actions. Through a rule engine, their FlowXchange feature gives you complete control and automates your campaign.

Do you want to try it first? This program is available for a 30-day free trial period.
Prices begin at $200 per month after that. 


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26. ClickInc

Top features of this sophisticated affiliate marketing platform have included an affiliate contact tool that is built-in, notifications when any affiliate drops you, and more.

You can also use your affiliates to improve your SERP ranks.

 Affiliate IDs are no longer required for their TruLink function. It keeps track of everything using affiliates' registered URLs.

On their website, you can ask for a free demo of this platform. Additionally, they provide a 30-day free trial after which the monthly plans start at $25.

27. TUNE

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

TUNE is also considered one of the best affiliate marketing tools that allow an unlimited number of affiliates.

Its tracking numbers are excellent, and its tracking uptime is 99%. Additionally, this platform provides thorough purchase procedures and insights.

You can also get leads using this tool. For businesses handling client accounts, this is extremely advantageous.

They provide a range of subscriptions for networks and advertising, starting at $279 per month.

A free trial is also available by registering on their website. 

28. Jouney by Cake

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

Cake's affiliate marketing tracking tool is called Journey. Based on geographic location and data-driven values of important customer journey milestones, it aids in spending optimization.

Additionally, this program effortlessly connects with other marketing tools.

The website also allows you to obtain a free demo of this software.

29. Adplexity

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

The most incredible affiliate marketing tool for ad intelligence is this one.

 Through this tool, you may keep track of the profitable advertisements of your competitors. You can also access native, mobile, and desktop choices for all your traffic requirements.

You can also monitor the online stores and items of your competitors. This software costs $199 per month for each user.

30. WhatRunsWhere

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

WhatRunsWhere ensures that you get the most of every advertising dollar.
With the help of this affiliate marketing tool, you can improve your digital strategy.

You have access to 60 million advertisements from 7 different countries using WhatRunsWhere.
Here, new information is provided daily so that you can organize your strategy with absolute precision.

What sets it apart from most of the other affiliate marketing platforms is its pricing model.
Its Basic package costs $299 per month, while its Full Coverage plan costs $399 per month.

31. CJ Affiliate

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers To Track Business

CJ Affiliate is not your typical affiliate marketing platform. It boasts one of the biggest affiliate networks in the globe, which was created to assist you in achieving greater outcomes.

Throughout their purchasing process, you may reach and sway your customers using this platform.

They assist you in rewarding the affiliates who are the most influential.

Also, with the help of this program, you may fully harness the potential of affiliate marketing and utilize your assets.

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Let's have some questions and answers pertaining to affiliate marketing that will help you grow without missing so many steps in a short period of time.

 Q1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

A. Affiliate marketing is a type of referral marketing strategy where you pay thought leaders or professionals in your sector to promote your products.

Every lead or client that an affiliate brings to your company is rewarded with a commission.

A range of affiliate payment methods, including pay-per-click and pay-per-sale, are available.


Q2. How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

 A. Create a successful affiliate program before starting your affiliate marketing campaign.
In order for affiliates to join your program, you must also establish some rules and regulations.
To build and manage your affiliate program, you can also use affiliate marketing tools.

Q3. What Are Affiliate Marketing Tools?

A. There are a lot of effective affiliate marketing tools on the market, and this post includes a list of 31 of the top ones for you to pick from.

The top 10 affiliate marketing tools I suggest using are: 

  • Post Affiliate Pro
  • ShareAsale
  • ClickMeter
  • AnyTrack
  • LeadDyno
  • LinkTrust
  • AffTract
  • Affise
  • Awin
  • Voluum


 Q4. What Tools Do You Need for a Blog's Affiliate Marketing?

A. All of the aforementioned tools can be used to manage affiliate marketing programs for any kind of company, including blogs.  

Q5. What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool For Beginners?

A. Nearly all of the tools listed in this article are simple enough for beginners to operate without any prior knowledge. Depending on your needs, you can select any of the top affiliate marketing tools described in this article. 

Q6. Why is Affiliate Marketing Useful?

A. The main benefit of affiliate marketing tools is that they allow you to track each affiliate's leads using their specific tracking links.

These tools can give you a comprehensive picture of each affiliate's performance and the fees you must pay them.

Because it would be nearly difficult to track these things manually, affiliate marketing tools are quite helpful.


Q7. What are the best Free Tools For Affiliate Marketing?

A. The majority of the tools in this post's list provide some kind of free trial option or plan.

However, you will need to make an investment in a reliable affiliate marketing tool and you cannot rely solely on a free tool if you want to manage a successful affiliate program.


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What next
With these resources at your disposal, affiliate marketing will be more successful than ever. 

Keep this article close at hand when you choose your affiliate marketing tools so that you can discover the ideal ones for your brand.
What affiliate marketing tool do you prefer? Just let me know in the comment section below.

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