How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

One of the best ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing with YouTube.  Many people are curious about how could they make money online, if I guessed it right, that's what may be trending in your mind too.

In this post, I will show you the step by step on how to make money online using Youtube. But if you endure read this blog post till the end.

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

Since Youtube is the second largest search engine worldwide and with less competition, that means there is a wider chance for you to promote your affiliate products/services and generate some passive income.  

Before we proceed, let's take look at the quotes below by Statista:

As of the beginning of 2021, a large part of the traffic to was redirected through social media: Facebook's own link shim generated an average of 40 million monthly visits, while accounted for 26.6 million monthly visits. Between January 2020 and March 2021, users landing on YouTube have been increasingly visiting only one page before leaving the website, bringing the bounce rate to 52 percent in October 2020. Global users visited more YouTube pages when accessing the platform from their mobile devices, averaging 4,63 pages per session against the 2.84 pages visited by users on desktop devices. The leading websites that users visited thanks to a link on were, and, with more than 180 million visits and close to 55 million visits, respectively. - Statista

You can see the quote is for the early 2021 discovery, and I believe the statistic will keep on growing.

Now without wasting time let's get back to our business to know what affiliate marketing with Youtube is all about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing With Youtube?

This simply means inserting your affiliate links below the description box of every video you upload on Youtube.
Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

Or let me just make it clear, affiliate marketing with Youtube is a type of internet business in which you can make money by creating and uploading videos that include affiliate links for the services or products you promote.

These links are either included in the annotations or in the "Description" section that appears below the video.

In terms of how you might generate money, it's therefore very similar to traditional affiliate marketing. The platform is the only thing that changes.

You continue to create videos that link to a certain affiliate marketing program, such as product reviews and tutorials.

However, the method of monetization is still the same: If a viewer makes a purchase using your referral link, you are paid a commission.

That's all that is required.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Youtube?

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

In this section, we are going to look at how you can combine YouTube with affiliate marketing to increase your earnings and provide your viewers more value. 

In the first place, if you don't have a Youtube channel already, I suggest you should create your Youtube channel
To make the most of what I'll be talking about and I also advise you to join Youtube Partner Programs, which will provide your channel access to more features and monetization options. 

Now let's assume you have a Youtube channel and affiliate program of your choice already. Let's start the real work in three easy steps:

Step 1: Create Engaging and Relevant Videos

The value of your videos will persuade viewers to visit your channel and take your recommendations (as is the case with your blog posts). Finding the appropriate niche and creating videos relevant to the services or products you want to sell is thus important.

You may, for instance, use your channel mostly for review videos in which you talk about and score affiliate products. Your viewers will actually benefit from this, and it may even increase the size of your audience.

Just be sure to be interesting and honest in your reviews of each product. This will increase the likelihood that viewers will believe your expertise when you offer them affiliate links.

Step 2: Insert Your Affiliate Links To Description (and the Videos too)

Simply adding them to your video descriptions is the simplest approach to putting affiliate links alongside your videos. You can put as many links as you'd like in these, which are located beneath each video in blue color.

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

It's also a good idea to include these links in the videos themselves. This will increase the likelihood that viewers will read the descriptions for a moment.

Links can also be included directly in your videos if you participate in the YouTube Partner program.
End cards are a feature available on YouTube that you can include in the final 20 seconds of each video. Links to both external websites and other YouTube content may be found in these cards.

All users can access end cards, but only Partners can add external links:

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

If you take affiliate marketing seriously on Youtube, joining the Youtube program will be added advantage for you.

In addition, The 'Pinned Comment' of a video is another safe place to include affiliate links that many Youtubers forget or don't know about. Doing so will be added advantage for your affiliate links to be seen and get more conversions.
Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

Many affiliates miss the 'Community' tab when placing links. You can also drop a link there if you're engaging with your subscribers.
affiliates marketing with youtube

Also, it's advisable to add affiliate link disclosure like the way this creator did below his affiliates link. I believe that will make your viewers trust you more and that's what I will share in the next step.

Step 3: Disclose Your Affiliate Links With Honesty

Honesty and transparency in affiliate marketing make the audience trust you without feeling tricked.
As a result, you should always disclose your affiliate links clearly. It's advisable to mention it in your video too.
For instance, let's assumed you are making a video review about the product or services you have an affiliate link for, you can speak it to the viewers in your videos: "Anyone that has an interest can check the link in the description below".
This makes it obvious why people should click on your links, for both themselves and for your audience. Being open and sincere about your beliefs and objectives will benefit both you and your audience in the long run since it builds loyalty and trust.

Now we are through with starting affiliate marketing on Youtube, but is that enough? Of course not! We need to know the types of videos that attract subscribers and more traffic.

Which Type of Video Brings Affiliate Revenue?

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

You know, people like to see reality and that's what these type of videos comprises.
There are certain types, styles, or formats of videos you could use to promote your affiliate links which will bring you more subscribers, and generate sales. 
Here they are:

1. Do It Yourself (DIY) Videos

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

The above screenshot is an example of how to create a WordPress site step by step by yourself.

This is an impressive example of the kind of video that may offer product recommendations while also being informational.

It would be simple to include affiliate links to the video's description for any devices, tools, or other goods you suggest (and show). It's easy as that.
Note: When it comes to placing your affiliate links, the below screenshot is the perfect example.

2. Unboxing Videos 
Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

As part of the "review" procedure, authors of this kind of video content really open a package of some products and share the experience with you.
Does this mean that you will have to pay to purchase each product in order to review it? Not if you politely ask.

In exchange for a "good" review, a remarkable number of companies are eager to provide review copies of their products. 


3. Products Review Videos 

Affiliate Marketing With Youtube
If you actually use the product(s) you're reviewing rather than just talking about them, it does help.

These "product" keywords also have a lot of advertising purposes, meaning that you can profit from them.

This also explains why, according to statistics, 62% of buyers watch online reviews before every single purchase.

Furthermore, 52% of buyers are more likely to buy a product if it has been reviewed on YouTube.
Simply put, content like the aforementioned videos converts very well. This means you'll have a lot of viewers click on your affiliate links and have the chance to make some seriously big affiliate commissions.

As long as you direct people to a reliable affiliate program.

Another example of affiliate link placement is in the screenshot below.
affiliate marketing with youtube

If you don't find the type of video you have a passion for, it doesn't mean Youtube doesn't have a fit for it.

But these are the best types of videos that are good for affiliate marketing on Youtube.

How Do you Get Traffic to Your Youtube Channel?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Youtube

Constructing a subscriber base is the best approach to drive traffic to your videos.

Because after you've successfully persuaded them to subscribe, all that's left to do is convince them to stick around.

But let me dig in to bring some ideas that will bring you more traffic! Here they are:

1. Create an attractive thumbnail

Go to any online photoshop of your choice and design an attractive thumbnail for each video, e.g, Canva

YouTube thumbnails are the first thing people see when they search for your video.

2. Come up with the compelling title 

A title is obviously important for attracting viewers and it can develop your search result.

3. Create a custom background image

 Doing this is extremely important it also appealing to viewers.

4. Your best video should be featured

Select "Featured Content" from the left menu under "Channel" in your "Creator Studio" settings. Then select whether you want to use the most current video that was posted or a different video or playlist by clicking the "Feature Content" button.

5. Insert channel tags

 Adding channel tags is also important.

6. Consider your comments section

It's essential to read your viewers' comments and reply to them.

7. Create a playlist for your videos

 Instead of having a number of different videos, create playlists.

To spark the attention of your viewers, start with your most popular or most recent videos, and then give them free rein to browse both new and old videos.

8. A win-win scenario exists with recent activity

When you "like" or "favorite" a video on YouTube, both your recent activity and the profile of the video's author will reflect this action.

It's a quick method to connect with YouTube users, and in exchange, it might drive traffic to your page.

9. Implement cross-channel marketing

Your videos could be included and linked in blog posts you write about topics relating to your YouTube channel.

The blog posts (as well as your new and old videos) can also be disseminated to your blog's or YouTube channel or other email list's opted-in subscribers. 

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What else

These are the strategies that can grow your sales concerning affiliate marketing with Youtube.

Do not procrastinate, I suggest you should start even if you don't have much experience, just start over now! 

Because tomorrow you may be one the world will watch and listen to but you can't get there until you give it a try. 

So I do believe you can. 

I am working tirelessly to know more about affiliate marketingTherefore, feel free to ask anything that you found dark to you in the comment section and I'm available to reply to you if I have an idea.


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