How To Collect Email Addresses From Every Angle

Bothering to know which way to collect email addresses of people is an excellent idea in terms of growing your digital marketing effort. So if you are not engaging in email marketing you're just lagging behind and missing a lot of fortunes.

Collect Email Addresses

In this article, I'll mention every strategy that you can use to collect email addresses from every angle.
Now, without wasting time, let's start looking at ways how to get a list of email subscribers from every angle.

So I'm going to start by giving it in just six (6) categories. 

Moreover, each category comes with bulletin points beneath it and some bulletin points have steps beneath them. So that you shouldn't get confused.

1. How To Get Subscribers' Addresses Using Email

Now, I am going to talk about it through the use of bulletin points step-by-step in each of the paragraphs.
Collect Email Addresses

  • Craft Unique Email Content

Crafting unique email content will help you to retain your current subscribers and make them develop your list. 

But how? 

Simply by creating unique content that carries a lot of values, informative, entertaining, and more. Then, they will always be looked forward to receiving and will be more likely to be forwarded to others. By doing so, you will gain more exposure and gain more subscribers.

  • Convince Your Subscribers To forward and Share Your Emails
Your marketing emails should have "Email to a Friend" and social sharing buttons. You'll be able to boost the number of your contact list by having access to the social networks, friends, and coworkers of the recipients. 

To make it simple for the recipients receiving the forwarded emails to opt-in as well, add the "Subscribe" CTA as a text-based link at the bottom of your emails.

  • Arrange Your Email Lists According To Buyer Personas
It is important to think about using different types of email subscriptions to send targeted content to different audiences because email receivers are more likely to click through emails that speak to their particular interests.

You can boost the likelihood that visitors will subscribe to one of your targeted subscriber types by creating more than one. In fact, marketers who used targeted marketing reported a rise in revenue of up to 760%.

  • Use an opt-in campaign To Revitalize A Stale Email List
Do you possess an earlier list that you believe has largely deteriorated? Create a compelling opt-in message, send it to your old list, and invite contacts to opt back in if they so choose, while also pledging to delete any contacts who don't react.

Emailing contacts that you know are engaged can raise your deliverability and increase the likelihood that your email will be forwarded to people outside of your current database, which may seem counterintuitive to remove people from your email list in order to build it.

  • Your Staff Should Sign off With an opt-in Link
Your email signature can contain a hyperlink that takes recipients to a sign-up page. If you're already engaged in a natural email interaction with them, subscribing to more emails can be a logical next step.

  • Make a new offer to generate leads
Make a new locked offer for generating leads, such as a free ebook, and host it on a landing page that requests visitors' email addresses before downloading it.

  • You can create an online tool or resource that requires a sign-up for free
People loved free things, so if you can come up with free online tools that users will benefit from and make life easier for them, especially if all they need to do is to provide their email addresses to register, you will see a lot of users signing up. 

So like I told you people are fund of free things.


  • Create Bonus Content
Some gated content is not beneficial for website visitors to access. You may need to provide them with free content first in order to capture their interest. 

When someone enters their email address on a landing page, you can provide them access to supplementary content with more advanced guidance. You can start by writing a blog post with beginner-level information on the topic.

2. How To Build Email Marketing List With Social Media

There are many ways to get a bunch list of email addresses from social media:

  • Promote Online Contest
Create a free giveaway that requires contact information to enter by using your social media profiles. Your followers might be enticed to visit your website and sign up with their email addresses.

  • Promote A Lead Generation Offer On Twitter

Use Twitter to promote a free ebook or resource that requires an email address.

  • Promote locked/gated visual content on Pinterest
Users are enticed by Pinterest's visual content to sign up to access more content. You can use this to your advantage by promoting gated visual content on the platform in exchange for users' email addresses for more information.

  • Collect Email Addresses From Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Therefore, it has a lot of ways to get email addresses. Now let me list them step-by-step:

Step1: Use your profile cover photo as a theme for your email newsletter- You can use your Facebook profile cover photo to draw attention to a specific topic, like your email newsletter. You can encourage users to enter their email in order to further benefit by using an eye-catching image to show its importance.

Step2: Create a call-to-action button at the top of your Facebook page- add a CTA button to your Facebook page that links users to your sign-up landing page or a gated featured resource that requires an email address. 

Furthermore, adding a sign-up CTA button on your profile makes it simpler for users because they won't have to leave Facebook to visit your website; instead, they can click the link and be directed there.
Here is a Facebook tutorial on how to add one to your profile.

Step3: Post previews of your newsletter on your profile- Creating a Facebook post that provides a sample of your email newsletter is a wonderful way to draw attention to your content and entice people to subscribe to your email list. They'll get a sneak peek at what you have to offer, be interested in learning more, and join up so that they can keep benefiting from your company.

You may put a link to your sign-up page within this post to make it simple and quick for people to sign up.

Step 4: Use Facebook to promote content that necessitates an email address to access- Promote content on Facebook that require email registration to access. A gated ebook, participation in a promotion or competition, or even a statement that email subscribers receive first access to new products can all be examples of this content.Make sure to include social sharing buttons on your landing and thank-you pages to encourage leads to spread the word across their networks.

  • Collect email addresses on Instagram

There are four (4) steps to collecting email addresses on Instagram in my research and opinion. Here they are:

Step 1: Add CTA to your Instagram bio
To get your audience's attention, add "Call-To-Action" (CTA) and a link to your email list in your Instagram bio.
You should describe the advantages users may receive by signing up in your CTA text, such as bonus information, access to special deals, or receiving a general newsletter. Users may instantly sign up in the app by hitting the link in your bio, which will open a pop-up window.

Step 2: Publish content that encourages viewers to click the email link in your bio
Sharing content that encourages people to submit their email addresses can be successful even if you don't share posts that directly ask for email addresses.For instance, you may promote a contest and inform users that entering requires them to click the link in your bio and provide their email addresses.

In a different scenario, if you publish a useful video on how to use your products, you can convince customers to sign up because your emails will have more useful information about how to use your products.

Step 3: You can share your landing page by using the swipe-up feature- Users can swipe up on your story to view a clickable link if you have an Instagram Business profile and more than 10,000 followers.With the help of this tool, you can send a link to your sign-up page or to another offer on your website that seeks email addresses in return for something useful, like a free trial.

Furthermore, you may use this feature to link to a lead-generating offer that your audience will be eager to sign up for, such as an informative blog article.

Step 4: Add an email button to your business profile- The addition of an email button to your business page is a more direct method of collecting user emails. 

In order for clients to contact you for support queries, this feature is mostly utilized for service needs. However, by requesting customers' permission to receive additional emails, you have the chance to nurture leads even further.

The steps for including one in your profile are provided here.

  • Collect email addresses on LinkedIn
Due to my little research, I find out that there are three ways to get email subscribers on LinkedIn. Here they are:
Step 1: Obtain email sign-ups by directing readers to a landing page- You can share sign-up page links after conversations on LinkedIn. By sending them an email that contains additional valuable details and content about your business, you're enabling users to carry on the conversation you've just started.

These links can be shared in comment threads, InMail messages, and private 1:1 direct conversations.

Step 4: Promote your email newsletter in your post- if you publish an email newsletter, you can share snippets of it on LinkedIn and inform people that signing up will get them access to the complete newsletter as well as all future ones.

Step 5: Publish links to gated/locked offers- Encourage visitors to join your email list when you share an article on LinkedIn that has high-quality content that your audience will find useful.

They'll understand that receiving emails from you will give them more access to the excellent stuff you offer if what you've stated has struck a chord with them.Additionally, you may do this in pertinent and appropriate LinkedIn group discussions. Just be aware of the topic being covered to make sure your offer is a welcome addition to the discussion.

3. How To Collect Email Address From Website

There are seven (7) ways to collect email addresses from the website:

  • Ask website visitors for feedback

When information is relevant to them, people appreciate sharing their opinions. Include a form on your website's pages that requests visitors' inquiries about your business. Collect email addresses from this form's responses so you may get in touch with them later.

  • Make your lead-capturing forms shorter
Although it can be tempting to get as much data as possible on a user right immediately, adding excessive fields to your landing pages and lead-capturing forms can turn visitors away.

Limit the number of fields on your forms to two or three because you may get additional information from them once you strike up a discussion.

  • Share offers on your website that encourage visitors to sign up for emails

Create CTAs across your website that links to your offers and encourage email sign-ups. A few of your website's key places to consider are your homepage, your 'About Us' page, and your 'Contact Us' page.

  • A/B test various campaign copies
If you're having trouble getting the results you want, try landing pages, gated content, competitions, and other lead generation strategies. It's possible that the design or copy isn't generating the engagement you require.

A/B test various elements of your list-building campaigns using different versions of the same content. This applies to everything from the sign-up form's placement on your website to the wording used as a call to action and the color of the gated offer. A minor adjustment can occasionally result in hundreds more conversions.

If you are interested in HubSpot, you can check their Complete A/B Testing Kit here.

  • Create a blog that readers may subscribe
If you're not blogging already, you should. You can upgrade to more effective email campaigns over time by using blog postings to build blog subscribers and improve your search engine position.

  • Share a call to action when you guest blog for other websites
There are lots of websites and publishers that target your audience, as well as broader segments of it.

You can increase the size of your contact list by increasing your exposure to new audiences by guest posting for other websites.

Include a call-to-action (CTA) encouraging people to sign up for your site's blog or email newsletter when you publish guest blogging content.

  • Add client reviews on your landing pages for signups
It is one thing for you to encourage people to participate in a campaign; it is quite another for your happiest clients to do so.

Customer reviews are the social proof that pushes people to sign up for anything, thus you should post these testimonials on your website, especially on landing pages with sign-up forms.

When individuals are unsure whether to offer their contact information, adding reviews will give your content real value.

4. How To Collect Email Address From Youtube Subscribers

In my research, I found out that there are three (3) ways to collect email addresses from users. Here they are:
  • By adding engagement features to your YouTube videos
End screens, commonly referred to as video outros, are a feature provided by YouTube to producers to encourage viewers to take further action after watching a video, such as visiting your website or watching another video on your channel.

Links to your sign-up landing page should be added to your end cards since they are utilized to increase viewer engagement and will help you expand your email list. This advice is helpful if your instructional film contains mainly superficial information. A gated offer or your email newsletter offers a more in-depth perspective.

Watch this video to learn more:

  • Promote your email newsletter by using your header and photos
Link to your sign-up landing page in the channel header to collect leads. Users will be pulled to your banner if it is appealing, well-designed, and draws attention to the content offer, which will put the CTA link in their direct line of sight. This image is prominently displayed on your profile.The red arrow in the image below directs attention to a CTA on the HubSpot Academy YouTube website that takes visitors to a sign-up page for a course that needs an email address.

  • Mention your emails in your video descriptions
Your YouTube video descriptions describe the content in your videos so that viewers know what to expect.

It's important to provide a link to your email sign-up landing page in each of your descriptions, even though they will all probably have different aspects.This advice can be especially helpful if you create how-to videos and want to encourage viewers to subscribe by clicking the link in your description in exchange for more educational resources and guidance.

5. How to Increase Email List Size with a Partner

Collect Email Addresses


  • Promote a product or service on a partner website or email list
Partner websites can help in your audience expansion, much like guest blogging. When directing users to your website, which already has sign-up forms shared with it, use this partner source.

  • Co-host a marketing promotion with a business partner
You can share the audience of a related business by creating an ebook or webinar with a partner, which will divide the content development labor.

Share the leads you generate with your partner once your article has been published.You can share the audience of a related business by creating an ebook or webinar with a partner, which will divide the content development labor.

To nurture a new audience, you will gather email addresses if the content is gated.

6. How to Increase Email List Size Using Traditional Marketing

  •  Collect email addresses at a trade show

Trade shows are one type of offline event that professionals in your sector anticipate greatly as a growth opportunity. In-person signups can be obtained by demonstrating your most recent product at a relevant conference.
Collect Email Addresses for Email Marketing
                                 source: HubSpot
Import these signups into your contact database when you go back to work, and be sure to send a welcome email to them to let them know they've chosen to join your list.

  • Organize your own offline, live events
You are the star of a networking event when you participate in meetups, seminars, hackathons, educational panels, and conferences.

People that come to your event are frequently better candidates to be approached. Take the chance to collect guests' email addresses, then send a welcome email to each one of them to encourage opt-in.

  • Organize an online webinar

The webinar is a great opportunity to speak about your industry and reach out to thought leaders. What's the best part? When attendees register for webinars, you have their email addresses to add to your list for further nurturing.

  • Put QR codes in your display advertisement
Put a QR code in your print marketing materials so that people may scan it to get more details about the printed material.

You can set your codes to demand email addresses in order to access further information, which will help you build your list.

  • In-store email collection

Launch a store membership that customers may sign up for via email at the register if you have a physical location where you deal with customers face-to-face.

You can designate an email campaign specifically for walk-in consumers, which can help you stay in touch and recognize customer commitment to your brand.

You can perform all of the things mentioned above to grow your business or company's email list.

The best way to achieve this is to use several of the strategies on this article, which will enable you to reach your audiences from a different angles and improve your chances of expanding your list.

You'll also be able to nurture your email list as it expands with new, opt-in contacts as you can turn early-stage leads into sales-ready leads by using middle-of-the-funnel offers.

According to survey email marketing return of investment (ROI) is $36 for every $1 spent. So this signifies how profitable email marketing is.

When you are doing affiliate marketing and you'd be able to applied for these email marketing strategies I'd mentioned to your business, I think there is a lot of benefits.

Moreover, once you start blogging business it's advisable to choose the email marketing agencies of your choice and start collecting email addresses from the first day because email is one of the major source of traffic.

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